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Let us help you save time and money by correctly diagnosing your cars problems with our latest technology diagnostic equipment

At Volks Centre Cairns we have invested a lot of money into the purchase of the latest diagnostic equipment so we can plug into your car and identify fault codes and reset service intervals along with the calibration of newly added or replacement parts to your car.

We also make sure all of our staff are fully educated on the use of our diagnostic equipment with management and staff regularly attending training events on all of the latest diagnostic product updates.

Our diagnostic equipment includes :
• Launch Tester
• Carsoft
• VAG Com obd2 Tester
• Memo Scan
• Super VAG Tacho
• Zed Bull Plus
• Auto Logic

AUTOLOGIC diagnostics for Porsche, BMW and Mercedes

At Volks Centre Cairns we now have the latest diagnostic equipment from AUTOLOGIC which will assist us to efficiently diagnose your Porsche, BMW & Mercedes errors as well as resetting factory codes, service warning schedules and other features.

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