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Porsche Cairns
Porsche have always been the benchmark brand, the make that all other sports cars are measured

Most Porches use the rear engine mounted setup, which can be quite daunting to work on, and requires some expertise. Volks Centre Cairns & Smithfield own a vast amount of specialist Porsche precision tools to carry out certain jobs that cannot be carried out correctly without them.

Porsche more often than not decides on quality, when choosing parts that go on a Porsche product. High standards cost money, for example a sport car from another company crashed into a wall at The Nurburgring while being tested. The brakes were not large enough to dissipate the heat and the brake fluid came to a boil. Fading brakes in a high speed turn was a recipe for an accident. The car, a Nisan 350Z, was stated by the manufacture, not meant for the race track. Porsche’s can and do participate on the track all the time. Comparing a Nisan brake and rotor to a Porsche one, anyone could clearly see the substantial differences.

All these things contribute to the cost of a Porsche. It is the best car Porsche can make for the price point, and magazines and race drivers compliment the performance and build qualities of Porsche products. Many times a Porsche is the bench mark for a category of a car. How many headlines have we seen on a magazine that the next car from “X” corporation is the next Porsche killer. Not to say there are strong marques in the market, but Porsche has carved out a well deserved niche in the world of sport cars. Drive a Porsche Macan Turbo, and you will discover it has the Porsche DNA built in that is very different than what is offered from most competitors.

Even though the Porsche brand may carry costly maintenance and repairs it is because of the high levels of quality that go into every car they make. At Volks Centre Cairns & Smithfield we can help reduce these maintenance and repair costs due to our great working relationship with Porsche parts suppliers back in Germany.

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MCTA performance tuning
Unlock the true potential of your car at Volks Centre Cairns & Smithfield!

When a manufacturer releases a new vehicle, it’s usually a worldwide release meaning the car needs to be able to survive in areas that have extreme climates and poor-quality fuels and other additives. Most manufacturers dial back a car's engine to a very conservative level.

This means that in Australia we must put up with a lesser car simply because other countries can't get high quality fuel or oil.

We’re able to efficiently diagnose your vehicle and identify fault codes and reset service intervals along with the calibration of newly added or replacement parts.
Aluminium Welding Cairns
We have a state-of-the-art tyre fitting, wheel alignments and wheel balancing equipment to provide further quality services and products to our customers.
Stainless Steel Welding Cairns
If you've lost your car keys, or just need a spare, contact us to provide a cost effective alternative solution to the overpriced dealership prices.
Pressure Vessels Cairns
New and Used vehicles are both welcome and benefit by having their servicing done by the factory trained experts at Volks Centre Cairns & Smithfield.
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