Car Repairs
If you drive a German made vehicle, you’ll know that such a sophisticated piece of machinery deserves the best possible care and attention that it will receive from Volks Centre Cairns

Don't trust just anyone to look after the repairs that may be required to your Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Skode, or Porsche vehicle. At Volks Centre Cairns we know your German car better than anyone else in the industry and can best remedy any maladies it may have with our superior knowledge of the German motor vehicle inside and out.

Whether for minor problems such as overheating or replacing brake pads to major items such as engine or gearbox rebuilds we have the team, facilities and know how to get the job done for you promptly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Volks Centre Cairns repair services:

• Mechanical repairs
• Electrical repairs
• AC Repairs and servicing
• Engine and gearbox reconditioning
• Towbar installation
• Brake Controller installation and brake system rebuilds
• Coolant system repair
• Suspension and steering repairs
• Road Worthy Inspection (Approved inspection station number: 9824)

We also have a courtesy car available for our customers to use while their car is being serviced or repaired.


Performance Tuning
Unlock the true potential of your car at Volks Centre Cairns!

When a manufacturer releases a new vehicle, it’s usually a worldwide release meaning the car needs to be able to survive in areas that have extreme climates and poor-quality fuels and other additives. Most manufacturers dial back a car's engine to a very conservative level.

This means that in Australia we must put up with a lesser car simply because other countries can't get high quality fuel or oil.

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Volks Centre Cairns is conveniently situated just a 10-minute walk from the Cairns CBD.

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