New and Used vehicles are both welcome and benefit by having it serviced by the experts at Volks Centre Cairns

If you own a new car that is still under new car warranty you need to keep it regularly serviced at the correct manufacturer specified intervals. What you may not know is that you don't have to take it to the factory dealer for this servicing and can choose any licensed mechanic workshop to perform these maintenance duties.

At Volks Centre Cairns we look after and maintain our client vehicles to the highest standard and make sure that any necessary preventative maintenance items are addressed. We also stamp service books and ensure that our customer cars remain protected under the dealer warranty.

If you have an older car that is outside of the dealer warranty, we can look after the regular servicing of these cars as well. As German made cars are better made than any other vehicle it is obvious that the cars will continue to work properly long after the manufacturer warranty is past due if you continue to keep it maintained. It is important that you have your German car serviced by a qualified and experienced mechanic using the correct products and with the proper equipment which is why choosing to have your vehicle serviced at Volks Centre Cairns is the only choice.

We also have a courtesy car available for our customers to use while their car is being serviced or repaired.


Performance Tuning
Unlock the true potential of your car at Volks Centre Cairns!

When a manufacturer releases a new vehicle, it’s usually a worldwide release meaning the car needs to be able to survive in areas that have extreme climates and poor-quality fuels and other additives. Most manufacturers dial back a car's engine to a very conservative level.

This means that in Australia we must put up with a lesser car simply because other countries can't get high quality fuel or oil.

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